Migraine & Headaches


People suffering from migraine & headaches can experience:

  • Visual disturbances
  • Head, face, jaw and neck pain
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty focusing, listening and talking
  • Throbbing, pulsing pain and also,
  • Pain around the eyes or behind one eye.

Common causes can include:

 Common stressors are found in your environment, lifestyle and habits.

  1. Bad sleeping habits
  2. Trauma or injury to the head
  3. Poor postural habits
  4. Whiplash injuries (car accidents)
  5. Technology and device overuse
  6. Sitting too long
  7. Stress as well as,
  8. Dietary triggers

Misconceptions about Migraine & Headaches

Most people think that migraines & headaches are caused by things like dehydration, alcohol, as well as eating chocolates or coffee withdrawal. While all these things can trigger an episode, regularly recurring issues should be investigated further and can be addressed by a chiropractor.

Another misconception people make is confusing migraine & headaches with vertigo symptoms. These are two very different problems. Some causes of vertigo may respond to chiropractic care.

Associated Conditions 

  1. Tension headaches
  2. Cluster headaches
  3. Cervicogenic headaches (headaches caused by underlying neck issues)
  4. Concussion from accidents, falls and also sports injuries

Traditionally, people with migraine & headaches may try applying heat, ice, stretching, massaging the painful area and also taking pain medication. These treatment options can be ineffective as they are not addressing the cause of the issue.

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