Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar FasciitisIn the world of foot pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis are among the most common conditions people consult a medical professional for. Up to 10% of the population will present with heel pain over the course of their lives, and it can affect everyone who engages in weight-bearing physical activity. Custom orthotics offer a range of benefits that can help treat and prevent these conditions:

  •   Absorbs 30% more ground shock with each step thereby reducing the stress on the ankle, knee, hips, pelvis and the spine.
  •   Provides individual support for all three arches of the foot in weight-bearing positions.
  •   Helps enhance the nerve sensation, circulation and muscle balance in the feet.
  •   Reduces stress in the joints above the feet allowing the muscles to fire in a healthier pattern, reduce nerve involvement, and reduce pain.
  •   Helps prevent injuries in the joints of the body that arises from the repetitive stress created by over-pronation and excessive supination.

We see a lot of this type of condition and related lower leg and knee pain in our office. Dr Nick has some great chiropractic treatment options that include cold laser and advice on footwear too. So…don’t hobble around anymore.