Fiona Joiner – Naturopath

Natural-medicine-herbal-supplements-Fiona-JoinerFiona Joiner – Naturopath

My interest in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy began when I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I was not happy with the side effects and treatment options that were available at the time. I wanted to try alternatives. Many years later, I have been able to manage my condition very well over time with herbal medicine, nourishing food, and lifestyle changes. I was also fortunate enough to have my son despite doubts that I would be able to. Wanting to help others find alternatives for themselves, I have completed an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy through The Australian Institute of Applied Science.

I really enjoy helping people find their way back to great health. Life can be a bit tricky these days, we are all so busy and stressed. Herbal medicines can be a gentle way to support the body during these ups and downs. Giving the body the right tools to stay healthy and balanced can make such a difference.

Making Changes using Natural Medicine Doesn’t Need to be Hard

Change is hard for anyone. I offer an understanding and supportive environment to help you on your way. I take a practical approach to life and understand that taking 20 supplements combined with unrealistic expectations around the change of habits is hard for anyone to maintain. We just need to keep moving in the right direction and we can go at your speed. We can set health goals together and map out how we are going to get there.

naturopathy woden wellness centreOnce we get to the cause of what is going on for you and put the right support for your body into place, you may be surprised at how keen you are to embrace the process. Being a recipe freak, I can provide lots of great food ideas so you won’t be left wondering what on earth you can have for dinner!  Naturopathy can also work well alongside conventional medicine to support you on your healing journey.

Apart from the full range of hormonal issues, over the time that I have been practising, I have seen:

  • frequent issues with digestion, bloating, IBS
  • food sensitivities, allergies and intolerances
  • sleep issues
  • anxiety and depression
  • low energy and fatigue

Sometimes there is no specific issue presenting other than you have just lost your mojo! I get it! We all deserve to feel full of joy and energy every day and to have that bounce in our steps.

So, now that you know a little bit about Fiona Joiner Naturopathy I look forward to meeting you and continuing all the good work you have begun with Ally.  Investing in your health and well-being is a wise decision and I am happy to support you on your health journey.