Hip & Knee Pain

Knee and Hip pain

People suffering from hip & knee pain can experience:

  • difficulty walking and standing for long without feeling weak or unstable on their legs
  • a deep ache in their knee joint and hip sockets
  • a sharp, shooting pain going down the back of their leg.
  • numbness, tingling or a feeling of “pins & needles” all the way down to your feet and toes.
  • Clicking or catching in the joint
  • Restricted movement in the joint

Hip & Knee Pain Causes

 Common stressors are found in your environment, lifestyle and habits.

  1. Sports Injuries
  2. Repetitive movements
  3. Genetics (one leg is longer)
  4. Crossing your legs
  5. Unsupportive footwear
  6. Over-pronation and other foot issues
  7. Ankle issues
  8. Being Over weight
  9. Wear and tear (age-related)
  10. Falls and accidents
  11. Arthritic changes

Misconceptions about Hip & Knee Pain

Many people think that hip & knee pain is caused by arthritis. Arthritic changes accompany most of the common causes of pain as we age. Chiropractic care can help keep joints mobile and reduce the restriction of movement, pain and discomfort associated with these changes.

Another misconception people make is that the pain they are feeling started in their knee or hip. A chiropractic examination can determine if the pain you are feeling may actually be coming from high up in your back.

Associated Conditions 

  1. Sciatica
  2. Hip bursitis
  3. Patello-femoral pain syndrome

Traditionally, people may try applying heat, ice, stretching, massaging the painful area and pain medication. These treatment options can be ineffective as they are not addressing the cause of the condition.

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