Theona Spurr – Working Bodies

Working Bodies principal therapist Theona Spurr is a fully qualified remedial massage therapist. Theona is also a qualified Craniosacral practitioner. Craniosacral technique is a light touch therapy that releases and balances the connective tissue system of the body. Treatment programs include the use of trigger point therapy, transverse friction techniques, and also myofascial release. Craniosacral therapy and remedial massage are useful in the treatment of stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, and anxiety.  Pain, depression, emotional trauma, insomnia, TMJ, and sinus issues, also respond well to Remedial Massage Therapy. Theona also works closely with our chiropractor, Dr. Nick Gondzioulis.Theona Spurr is registered with all major health funds. To book an appointment with Theona Spurr – Working Bodies use the link below to go to her website or call our office on 62815494.