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Our ClinicWe bring together a team of highly qualified practitioners, who offer an alternative to conventional medicine with an evidence-based approach to Natural Medicine.

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Dr Nick Gondzioulis has provided quality chiropractic care to the Canberra community for almost 30 years. Dr Nick Gondzioulis regularly helps people with the following conditions: Back Pain & Sciatica, Neck Pain & Whiplash, Headaches & Migraines, Sports Injuries, Frozen shoulder & arm pain, Hip, Knee & Foot issues, and Acute & Chronic Pain.  Most private health funds give a rebate for chiropractic care. Dr Nick Gondzioulis is also registered for DVA and workers’ compensation insurance care.

VIKKI NASH – DIETITIANVikki Nash is a dietitian, who uses her knowledge of food and nutrition to help you make balanced meals. Vikki helps reduce mealtime stress with dietary support for adults and children with:diabetes,cardiovascular issues,IBS,weight loss, andeating disorders.Help with the planning and preparation of healthy meals that suit the entire family.Help for families of picky eaters, and also those with:food avoidanceselective eating, andlimited food acceptance.Dietary help for children with autism & sensory processing disorders.Children with slow weight gain and undernourishment due to feeding difficulties.

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THEONA SPURR – WORKING BODIESWorking Bodies principal therapist Theona Spurr is a fully qualified remedial massage therapist. Theona is also a qualified Craniosacral practitioner. Craniosacral technique is a light touch therapy that releases and balances the connective tissue system of the body. Treatment programs include the use of trigger point therapy, transverse friction techniques and also myofascial release.Craniosacral therapy and remedial massage are useful in the treatment of stress, chronic fatigue syndrome, and anxiety. Pain, depression, emotional trauma, insomnia, TMJ, and sinus issues, also respond well to Remedial Massage Therapy. Theona also works closely with our chiropractor, Dr. Nick Gondzioulis.Theona Spurr is registered with all major health funds.To book an appointment with Theona Spurr – Working Bodies or call our office on 62815494.

WODEN REMEDIAL MASSAGEWoden Remedial Massage prides itself on offering massage therapy for a wide range of conditions. These include the use of deep tissue therapeutic massage and relaxation therapy. Clients regularly visit Woden Remedial Massage for:Joint StiffnessMuscle aches and painsPregnancy massageLymphatic massageSports massage therapyWork related postural stress and headachesOur therapists, Julie and Vicky, are registered with the major health funds and are also compensation approved. Please use the Book Now Button for online bookings for Julie who is available on Thursday and Friday and Vicky who is available on Tuesday and Wednesdays. Bookings are available between 7.30 am and 7.00 pm depending on the day and therapist. Otherwise, call our office on 62815494 to book.

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FIONA JOINER- NATUROPATHFiona Joiner is the Naturopath in Woden Wellness Centre. Naturopathy is the use of nutritional and herbal supplements to improve a variety of health issues. Fiona’s scope of practice includes:thyroid function,stress-related health issues,digestive health, healthy eating.allergies & sensitivities,hormone testing & fertility,detoxing,weight management,infant and children’s health as well as,women’s and men’s health andnutritional deficienciesnutritional and herbal medicine supplements