Herbalist Consultation Fees

Herbalist Consultation  Fees

Fees for appointments are as follows:


Initial Consultation  $155 (45 – 60 minutes) 

During the initial consultation the herbalist will take a thorough case history discussing your diet and lifestyle and other factors that could be contributing to your health issues. You may also  like to discuss any medical tests or blood test results from your G.P.  Should they be necessary, further specific functional testing can be arranged in house or through a laboratory.

Standard Consultation  $93 (Up to 30 minutes) 

Most ongoing appointments require a standard consultation for the herbalist to update your progress, check on any life style changes may affect your health and review any supplementation with a view to progressing you through your care plan towards your health goals.

Initial Consultation $128.00 (30-45 minutes)
Standard Consultation $75.00 (20 -30 minutes)

Herbalist consultations fees cover personally designed visits and may include:

  • lifestyle and dietary advice,
  • health programs such as detoxification,
  • stress/sleep and energy improvements,
  • thyroid and digestive support and fat loss programs
  • herbal nutritional and vitamin reviews and recommendation
  • modern testing: in-clinic or pathology lab testing (additional fees).


Herbalist Consultation  Fees For:
Thermal Imaging Consultation $190 – $290 (30 – 60 minutes)

Included in your thermal imaging appointment will be a detailed health history. We will take a comprehensive series of thermal images.  These can be of a specific area (1 region) such as the breast or of the entire body. Within the next few days the herbalist will process the images and write a comprehensive report of the results.  We will emailed the results to you.

All times mentioned above are approximate.

Please contact us by telephone on 02 6281 5494 and we will be happy to talk about the individual costs for different procedures.