Accredited Practising Dietician

Vikki Nash – Dietitian

Vikki Nash is a fully qualified, Accredited Practising Dietitian, who uses her extensive knowledge of food and nutrition to improve your health and wellbeing by helping you identify a range of foods to suit your individual needs.

Vikki helps families to reduce meal time stress by:

  • Learning how to plan and prepare balanced meals that suit the entire families requirement.
  • Helping families of picky eaters, and also those with food avoidance, selective eating and limited food acceptance.
  • Supporting families with children with autism, sensory processing disorders as well as those with eating problems and other disabilities. She has undergone extensive training in the SOS.
  • Children with slow/inadequate weight gain and under- nourishment due to feeding difficulties.
  • Ensure your child or teenager is meeting their nutritional requirements so they can Eat’n’ Grow!

Consultations with Vikki Nash are available at Woden Wellness Centre. They are also  eligible for rebates under private health insurance cover. Medicare rebates are available for those referred by a general practitioner under a care plan. NDIS  payments are available to those participants who are self or plan managed. To book an appointment call our receptionists on 62815494