Ally Reichert – Herbalist & Natural Medicine

Ally Reichert looks after our Natural Medicine in Woden Wellness Centre. Natural medicine includes a combination of nutrition and herbal medicine. Ally can also assist you with gradual lifestyle changes that can help you to find long-lasting solutions that improve your health. By listening to your health history and also by the use of functional pathology testing if needed, Ally is able to give you practical advice.  Combined with natural herbal medicine alternatives she will help you feel better and move you towards functioning at your very best. Ally’s scope of practice includes:

  • thyroid function,
  • stress-related health issues,
  • digestive health, healthy eating.
  • allergies & sensitivities,
  • hormone testing & fertility,
  • detoxing,
  • weight management,
  • infant and children’s health as well as,
  • women’s and men’s health.

To book call our office on 62815494.